So, what make us different?

So, what make us different?

We are different from all other gyms and fitness centre's for the simple fact that we are VO2, we are here for every type of trainer, whether it be general health & wellbeing or a top athlete in whatever their chosen sport maybe.. We don't boast to know it all but we do believe in learning it. We believe in building a proper GYM, a no-nonsense training facility that would set us apart from any other gym in Ulster. With a free Weights area containing one of the largest selections of plate-loaded Iso strength machines, over 5000 kg of training plates backed up with heavy hardcore dumbbells ranging from 1-70kg making us second to none.

The Vo2 arson supplies our members with lifting platforms, squat cages, strongman tyre's, super yokes, viking press, atlas stones, farmers walks power sled making us really do stand out from all other gyms. Vo2 also sports a 3000 sq ft fully kitted state of the art TechnoGym Cardio & Resistance training area, a fully functional studio with hardcore classes that are sure to get you in peak condition. Armored with a separate fully equipped strength and conditioning/functional training room,we have fully certified instructors and kitted out with the latest BOX training equipment, gathered with Vo2's daily WODS for anyone who wants to push themselves to their limits.. We believe that our workouts companied with a specific personal programing can be an excellent tool to use at your disposal. We at club Vo2 believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle, We believe in working hard, learning new ways to train and embracing all fitness avenues.

Life is for living so live it well. Eat good, training hard and enjoy life. Head out with your buddies at the weekend, get the kids to bed and crack open a bottle of rose but never lose your focus. With this ethos embedded into the core of VO2 its easy to see why our atmosphere is like no other, We are VO2 professionals with a thirst for Fitness, "All Fitness" from Bodybuilding to sport professionals, MMA athletes to Fitness models, WOD Warriors to our extreme GRITters. We believe that all fitness is important, no one form of fitness more important than the other. That's why we are different... WE ARE ONE!

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