Terms & Conditions of Sale / Refund Policies

Terms & Conditions of Sale / Refund Policies

Club Vo2 PAYG Membership Terms and conditions of sale

Pay as You go Conditions

There are no contracts or hidden fees! Membership can be paid on any day of the month & will last 31days. We accept both card & cash.
Members will be sent a confirmation email with their sale date & if re-newing membership, must purchase their service on the same date. Failure to do so, will result in membership becoming ‘back-dated’

Day passes are available upon request & are available for £5 per day. These passes include all access & classes for 12 hours from the time of purchase.
Terms & Conditions of use for all Club Vo2 members

• All members are responsible for complying with the following terms & conditions, which are in place for the enjoyment and safety of all members
• Club Vo2 facilities should be used in accordance to the gym etiquette displayed.

• A Club Vo2 card is issued with the following conditions of use:
1. The card must be swiped for entry to the all areas of the site on each visit. This would include main entrance as well as any bolt on areas the membership is subscribed to.
2. The card is not transferable and may only be used by the person whose it has been issued to.
3. Failure to produce membership cards will result in a charge for admission.
4. Misconduct can result in the loss of the card and membership suspension.
5. Lost cards are replaced at a charge of £5.00.

• Club Vo2 reserves the right to make changes to the programming of the facilities. Specific activities within our sites, such as spinning and functional training rooms, will at times be unavailable for general use if classes or courses are taking place, such times will be advertised in advance.
• Club Vo2 endeavour to ensure that all facilities, classes and equipment are available during the advertised opening times. However, occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, facilities or equipment may be unavailable or classes cancelled. These circumstances have been calculated within the membership fees.
• Club Vo2 membership Direct Debit contracts offer an easy monthly payment scheme. The cost is spread over 12 monthly instalments, the payments are collected by third party Debit Finance Collections (DFC). A member may pay the remaining balance of their contract at any time. This is a rolling contract and payments continue into month 13 and beyond without a price increase. The member must notify DFC with 1 month notice that they wish to cancel. The contract does not automatically terminate after the twelfth payment.
• Club Vo2 has a planned redecoration programme for our gyms. During these periods it may be necessary to restrict access to the gyms for a small period of time. We are unable to refund memberships during any such period. Whilst we recognise this can be an inconvenience we would encourage alternatives to your exercise routine.
• Minimum age for membership to Club Vo2 is 16 years. Please note any members between 16-17 years of age signing up to a direct debit will require third party consent. Members of this age signing up to an annual up front membership do so at their own consent.
• Banning
The management reserve the right to terminate or temporarily suspend the membership of any person breaching rules and regulations, or for any other reason the management team deems appropriate.
During suspension the member will continue to be charged membership fees.
• Induction & Freestyle
All gym users are required to attend a gym induction. However, experienced gym users are not required for an induction if they do not deem it necessary. Inductions for functional training areas though will be required by all members.

Club Vo2 Direct Debit Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation of your Direct Debit membership must be received within 14 days of joining by calling us on our contact number, or calling into the Club. No refunds will be available for the £5 card fee or pro-rata payment of membership fees. All cancellations after 14 days from your joining date will not be valid. Please see Terms & Conditions of service for more details.


Annual memberships cannot be cancelled prior to the expiry date/or twelfth payment has been made. If, in extreme circumstances the contract cannot be fulfilled it can be transferred to another person. A contract may be cancelled once the twelfth payment has been made, this requires 1 month’s notice in writing to DFC (e-mail info@debitfinance.co.uk). A confirmation letter will be sent back. Queries on cancelled memberships can only be dealt with when a copy of this letter is provided. Contact DFC customer service on 01908 422007 for further enquires. In the unfortunate circumstance of members becoming redundant, Club Vo2 will review membership status on an individual basis providing sufficient proof.
• Annual up front memberships cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
• Frozen Payments.
Payments may be frozen providing valid proof where the user is unable to use any of the facilities for a minimum period of 1 month, minimum notice period 14 days before next payment due. You will receive a letter from Absolutely Fitness confirming the duration that your membership is frozen and when payment will be taken out again. Queries on frozen memberships can only be dealt with when a copy of this letter is provided. During the life of an Absolutely Fitness membership the contract can only be frozen for a maximum of six months.
• Explanation of other costs
Pro Rata (non refundable) – This payment covers the cost of using the facilities straight away, until the first payment is made.
Admin Fee (non refundable) – £25. This is the charge for setting up the membership, postage, contract process, membership card & membership information pack, plus any costs throughout the life of their membership.

Purchases made using cash or cheque at the Club reception will relate to services rather than products and as such cannot be refunded. However if you feel the service provided was not as described at the point of purchase you may state your case using the methods below.
1. If you are a member of Club Vo2 Please email us and we will assign it to a member of staff to investigate on your behalf.

(Visa Debit & Mastercard accepted through Optimal Payments)

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